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Genres: Live-Looping, Soul-pop, Soul, funk

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Good songs come out of bad times. This is an idea central to the music of one-woman-band bittymacbeth, who has held her own as a modern soul artiste at the 100+50 Bands Festival, Singapore Originals series by Guinness Amplified and Timbre Music and The Mill presents: Destruction and Rebirth, just to name a few. Having only embarked on her solo project as bittymacbeth in May 2014, Beth has already made large strides with her music. During the second Singapore-West Australian Music (WAM) Festival collaboration, 15 Singaporean artistes were shortlisted by Singapore Music Society (SGMUSO) for the consideration of the WAM Festival committee. bittymacbeth was made the list despite being less than a year old since her launch as a solo artiste. The soul of her soulful sounds originates from negative experiences - hers' and others'. She seeks to spark change for the better in herself and others during challenging circumstances. Armed primarily with only her vocals and bass, bittymacbeth performs solo by her soul-pop and funk music solo through live-looping, coupled with a large element of improvisation. At heart, she is a bandleader, a role which combines her strengths as a performer, composer and arranger together. She relishes every opportunity to perform extensive band arrangements with trumpets, saxophones, kalimbas, organs, synths, etc etc. With the launch of her upcoming album, she will be combining both live-looping and large ensemble live band performance to make music that lights the darkest corners of the soul.