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Cardiac Necropsy

Genres: Death Metal

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Formed in early 1991 with the initial name of 'Infernal Scum' playing Thrash & Heavy Metal. Eventually, later throughout the year, the band was renamed to 'Cardiac Necropsy', graduating to Death Metal. The band first release was on 1993 in a Death Metal compilation, under Masterpiece Productions, entitled 'The Birth'. The band suffered plenty of line-up changes and eventually went on hiatus throughout the late 90s. In 2000, the band regrouped with a new lineup and incorporating their musical style towards Gore-grind. The band work on their new materials and release a Split CD/Cassette in 2002. Henceforth, they began to work with various labels around the world for more compilations and split releases. In 2010, the band manage to released their 1st full length album 'Morbid Scum Division' under Vrykoblast Productions. In 2012, the band undergo a new change in their line-up. Moving forward, the band continued to rehearse and managed to record their 2nd full length album within the year. Conclusively, the band's new materials incorporated their musical style back to their primordial reign in the early 90s, Death Metal, with modern influences to their 2nd full length album entitled 'Shayateen'. In 2015, the band is working on a new materials for a 3rd full length album release & a 7" vinyl release. Also planning & working with event organizers & records labels for a possible tours in Asia.



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