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Case Woo

Genres: Bass, House, Techno

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From electropop to trip hop, from manic depressive angst to dance culture, the early 90's saw Case releasing industrial electronica under the pseudonym of Censor. In 2001, Case's deep house music productions caught the attention of record labels Transport Recordings (San Francisco) who released the techhouse track "Polyester Cookies" on their "Coast to Coast EP" record with label mate Patrick Turner. His solo album “A Deeper Shade” soon followed and was hailed by industry maestros as the first quality deep/tech-house offering from Singapore. In 2002, Lifetime Music (Berlin) signed 3 tracks and released the "Guardians" single on vinyl. By this time, Asian veteran and friend Kit Chan was set on releasing a series of genre breaking projects and Case created 3 electronic music albums between 2002 and 2004, with house and trip hop tracks that were almost non-existent in the world of chinese pop music. After nearly two decades of pure electronic music and genre experimentation, Case has come one full circle to return to his roots. New Wave Synthpop is back once again in the form of a collaboration with veteran DJ Angela Flame with their latest Asian Dynasty release on Beatport “Love Life Dynamite”.



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