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Cashew Chemists

Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Rock & Roll

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Cashew Chemists.


Cashew Chemists are a Rock band from Singapore. Consisting of three Chia Brothers - Brian (guitars), Ulrich (guitars) and Zachary (drums) - with the addition of two equally as brotherly members Elliot (bass) and Yuji (vocals, guitars). A lot has changed since the band released its first EP in 2012. Lyrically, the band has moved on from its pop-rock love song antics a la early Beatles to chase a deeper introspection and embrace a more vivid imagery. Thematically, things have changed for the boys who are no longer just here to woo the ladies. Graduating from uni, relationships and jobs - the daily toil has had much to offer as the Chemists now present their own truthful, sometimes painful take on life. “The music will speak to everyone differently and to every phase of a person’s life separately.” Musically and sonically, the Chemists have never been any more bold and playful. Don’t expect anything and expect everything are probably the two best approaches to their new material as they seek to show you everything and tell you nothing.