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Charles ENERO

Genres: Rap

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Popularly referred to as the top battle emcee in Singapore with an undefeated record stretching the span of 2 years, ENERO’s capabilities transcend the confines of competitive rapping. With multiple victories already under his belt, he has also emerged top place at the rap battle cypher at Malaysia’s Raising The Bar Festival 2013, in conjunction with M.Y. Battles – Malaysia’s Premier Hip Hop Battle League. ENERO is also a conscious lyricist touching on a variety of topics beyond the common braggadocio; from social issues to neuroticism. This has won him the accolades for ‘Best Lyricist’ in a rap showcase put together by Soul Theory Studios during Singapore Writers Festival in 2011. ENERO is also an active member of Singapore’s Hip-Hop collective, Grizzle Grind Crew.



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