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Cosa Nostra

Genres: Deep House, House, Nu-Disco, Bass, Dub

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There are no upcoming gigs for Cosa Nostra.


Formed by saxophonist/producer Kaye and DJ Funk Bast*rd somewhere in 2004, Cosa Nostra is a possibly the only quasi-electronic act in Singapore that proudly align themselves with anything deep, black, obscure and funky. Although happy to be in the underground, their work has gotten recognition from like minded producers and DJs around the world. The duo has compiled almost an album’s worth of unsigned material over the years, as well as done remix work for international electronic artists such as Butti49 (Norway), Robert Strauss (UK) and Idea6 (Italy). Incidentally, the Idea6 remix was picked up for a remix album (“Idea6remix”) featuring heavyweights in the club jazz scene like Nicola Conte, Quasimode, 7Samurai and Gerardo Frisina, etc. It was released in Japan in the last quarter of 2007. Their most recent remix of Kira Neris on Faces records has received tremendous support, and clinched the top seller spot on Bagpak Music. Their productions are a true reflection of their schizophrenic musical interests - dabbling in anything from House, Afro, Soul, Boogie, Cosmic beats, Hip-Hop, Dub and beyond. Now with their new imprint, Darker Than Wax, the outfit looks set for its sonical adventures.