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Courtney Conway

Genres: Country, Pop

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Courtney Conway’s sassy debut single ‘Girly Girl’ gained wide spread popularity, the Girly Girl music clip received over 100,000 hits and got serious attention from US record companies. Courtney has received the ‘Best New Talent’ and Female ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Western Australian County Music Awards in February. She has also won Best New Talent at the Victorian and National Country Music Awards. Courtney Conway is now about to release her highly anticipated debut album ’21 Days’. Teaming again with highly respected producer Sam Hawksley, Courtney delivers a 12-song collection to follow in the success of her 5-track EP ‘A Few Little Things’, which listed the hit single ‘Girly Girl’. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at ‘Fool On The Hill’ studios, the album was carefully crafted and recorded by some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer. Australian Ben Butler, now New York resident, was flown in to work his magic on electric guitar, while Nick Buda, known for his work on Taylor Swift records, recorded some seriously powerful drums. This long awaited new album covers a vast range of songs, including 21 days which was the first single release, with the music clip reaching the Top 20 on the Country Music Channel and Top 10 on the Hot Country Radio chart. Courtney is about to release her first ballad, the second single from the new album ‘Burning Your Memory Down’ which tells the story of a relationship ending, and finding the strength to move on.


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