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Darren Dubwise

Genres: Bass, Dubstep, Jungle, Garage

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Darren Dubwise.


A long time music collector and harbour of useless musical anecdotes, Darren Dubwise has been involved in Singaporeʼs bass scene since 1999. After playing an active role in the drum & bass community with &, Darren conceived DUBWISE together with DJ Castro in 2006 originally as club night based on the Jamaican sound system culture. The end result was a hybrid of reggae, dub, grime, UK garage and the then infant dubstep, the resounding success encouraged the boys to take a bold step. In year end 2009 together with local producers Kiat and Cherry Chan, Singaporeʼs revolutionary audio-visual super collective Syndicate was conceptualized and formed. Transmitter of beats and visual culture, SYNDICATE represents a melt down of audio experimentation and visual dares. The collective is set to deconstruct and reassemble sound concepts and visual ideas with live performances and installations set in various spaces and contexts.