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Daryl C

Genres: jazz infused deep house, Soul, Deep House, jazz, House, disco

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Daryl C.


As with most love affairs, Daryl C’s liaison with electronic music was honed and fostered in the bedroom, where he first began his knob-fiddling pursuit some eight years ago. Levelling up through years of homemade mixtapes and midnight musical musings, Daryl C has now become a regular fixture in Singapore’s club circuit with an ever-evolving selection stockpile to keep feet moving. Under the cover of night, Daryl C has built up a solid presence behind the decks, delivering sonic chops by way of his signature funk, soul and jazz-infused deep house and a mixed bag of tech-house and disco beats. From kyō to Kilo, Tanjong Beach Club to ZoukOut, Loof to Velvet Underground – Dance, he has plied his trade throwing it down at some of our nightscape’s most iconic venues with his deft fingerwork. As they say, the party’s just getting started and Daryl C is going to keep on keeping you up the best way he knows how. Just wear comfortable shoes.