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Genres: World, jazz, funk

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Dayaw.


Dayaw is a Manila-based band that plays a fusion of worldbeat / jazz / rock music that penetrates the listener’s soul. Formed in 2012, the band is composed of different members from other world music groups such as Sruvaleh, Unitiima & Kadangyan. A collective of individuals that perform and create music, they have a relentless goal of passionately sharing their craft for the world to hear. Sensi Oñate - Vocals, Aying Sayson - Guitars, Royce Baronia - Percussions, Kaloy Aganinta - Percussions, Ryan Barros - Percussions, Al Raja Oñate - Percussions, Dale Adeva - Synthesizers, Luis Aganinta - Guitars, Iwag Maninantan - Flute, BJ Malibunas - Bass, Gav Sabalburo - Drums