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Genres: Neo-Psychedelia, Alternative Rock

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cho, also known as the Psychadelic Voice of Taiwan, combines modern poetic lyrics with Neo-Psychedelia rock music to create their unique sound. Band members Pochang Wu (lead vocalist), Yin-Chun Lo (guitars), Wenyen Chiou (bassist), and Chunyu Mu (drums) saw their first big break in 2002 after releasing their debut album, “Sensual Drive,” which garnered critical acclaim from media outlets and hugely popular musicians such as Wubai, who is proclaimed to be Taiwan’s “King of Rock” Echo’s second album, “Bastille Day,” boasted twenty four songs conveying the band’s thoughts on the pursuit of freedom and the search for the inner soul. “Bastille Day” was released in 2007. In 2008, Echo hosted and performed in more than 100 concerts and tours in Taiwan, including a “movie concert” at the renowned Chin Mei Movie Theatre, effectively securing their spot as one of the top bands in Taiwan. Echo’s latest album, “Virgin Air” was released in 2010


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