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Genres: Rock

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EMPRA is a testament to the rock’n’roll spirit. It’s about how, through a chain of events that included – broken hearts, broken bones, friends loved and lost, getting banned in Singapore and a botched album recording on the first try – a passionate white-station-wagon-driving dude named Sanny hooked up with three passionate, white-station-wagon- driving dudes named Matt, Matt and Matt – and how they all came together in their pure love for rock music. Sanny Veloo (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Matt Agius (Bass), Matt Gault (Guitars/Backing Vocals) and Matt Cattanach (Drums) nail the in-your- face, rousing badass vibe that is EMPRA. With an unapologetically high-energy rock sound – the louder the better – melded with raw, honest lyrics that electrocute hearts and supercharge spirits into a euphoric sing-a-long, EMPRA are winning fans all across Australia and the world.


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