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Eternal Rest

Genres: Death Metal

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Hailing from Brisbane, Australia ETERNAL REST are one of the country’s best kept secrets but not for long as they set out to envelop the country and beyond with their meticulous and venomous brand of technical ferocity. Their immense sonic assault caught the ear of US label Deepsend Records who immediately signed the band to a deal. The end result was their crushing debut album ‘Prophetic’. Venomous guitars that slice you like crazed sociopath wielding a cut throat razor, ruthless drum blasts that push the boundaries of human endurance and sanity, a bass pounding that resonates through to your very core all tactfully powered by vicious vocals that deliver a continual precision strike akin to a targeted cluster bomb attack on the unexpected listener. ‘Prophetic’ drives the listener to the blackest, most extreme depths of humanity whilst delivering a pummelling to the senses.


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