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Genres: Rock

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There are no upcoming gigs for Faspitch.


Photo by Kris Rocha Formed in 2000, Faspitch are Henry Allen (vocals), Russell Manaloto (guitars), Patrick "Trick" Berganos (guitars), Trevor Bicknel (bass), and Pacco "Peekaboo" Manreal (drums). Perhaps it may be too difficult to box them into a particular category but Faspitch is not one to be easily described. The band is oftentimes mistaken to be a bit of everything that falls under the current listener trend. Faspitch, however, is a band to be experienced, not just heard. Off-stage, the guys are constantly hacking over ideas on how to change their sound. On-stage, the experiment takes place, their presence always leaving an audience gaping in wonder about what just happened. The band released their first single, "Staying This Way" on the airwaves, later following it up with "A Day Before Pisces" that gained more grounds building up their community. The single was included in the compilation FULL VOLUME, which was released by EMI Music and includes tracks from their label mates, Urbandub and The Ambassadors. This is what prompted the band to take a step further in releasing a full-length album. They inked a deal with Lighter Records on April 1, 2005. Faspitch's goal is as typical as any other band's aim to take music to the next level. They do believe, however, that in order for their crash and grind formula to work, they have to work hard. Individually, they train themselves to concentrate more on their skills as musicians. This is made clear in their newly released, year-long project and debut album THE FUTURE OF EAR REPAIR which is available in selected music outlets around the Philippines today. The album was launched nationally last September 24, 2006 and their latest single "Dweller" is gaining more airplay on a nationwide scale, very recently making it to 1 on NU107's Stairway to Seven. There are great expectations that the band is going to be something massive and that they are set to rock the scene. This is something that the band knows. And they do know one other thing: Faspitch is ready.