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Genres: jazz, World Music

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Felix Phang is a Double Bassist/Violinist/Trombonist, Jazz Composer/Arranger, and Educator, on a mission to give original jazz music a home in Singapore where he was born and raised. After graduating in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music, Felix has continued to explore and compose music in a wide range of styles. His education in America opened the doors to a whole new dimension in the classically trained violinist’s mind, prompting Felix to make propagating the exciting and boundless world of jazz music part of his personal creed. Because music needs listeners, Felix started The Café Show in 2013 in hopes of encouraging a growing culture. The Café Show is a community project that aims to make experimental, original, and less heard forms of music more accessible by bringing live acts to cafes in bi-monthly events. As an educator, band conductor and music tutor, Felix directly influences the next generation to appreciate, enjoy, and perform music as an outlet of expression and skill to be valued. Felix is also working on the Freedom String Movement with Kailin Yong to help classically trained string players make music “outside the box”. // Music has been my lifelong passion and I have been honing this craft since twelve. I've been exploring into a variety of instruments to simply enjoy music-compsition in different perspectives. ​ I grew up playing music in the school symphonic band and that was the birth of my musical journey. I became interested in many instruments and started observing the orchestration of various composers. I used to buy many old instruments just to figure them out and write something for the instrument. ​ My direction in music composition aims to help others understand the environment and culture of where I am from - Westernized Asia. My love is in European music and have spent my college days in the United States (Berklee College of Music) learning and exploring the necessary musical skills to draw out different emotions and energies from the listeners. I create unique bands by writing the music and putting the right talents in place. Then we go around the country and beyond, sharing what these music are. I hope to inspire that young aspiring musicians who have the first hand experience of listening to these music will continue and develop in their own unique ways, bringing the next generation another level of musicianship. I have a special programme where I will train 2 young musicians every year to compose original music (minimum 7 piece band) and present a full concert at a performance venue. This is my vision that makes a difference to the people around me.



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