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Fendi Sahid

Genres: Soul, jazz

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Affendi Sahid, more popularly known as Fendi, first began his foray into the music industry in 2001. He has never looked back since. Fendi describes his brand of music as Neo-Soul with a Jazz and Electronic touch. His love for these genres have lead him to experimenting with dance music and dabbling with today's most modern sound - Electronic music. Fendi is not just a singer, but also a songwriter, and he relates that most of the content in his originals reflect mostly the matters of the heart and his personal experiences with love. His music inspirations are the great Stevie Wonder and Chet Baker. In 2007, Fendi joined 'Live The Dream' - A reality TV show on Channel 5 in search of a solo artiste. He out-sang and ousted well-known talents in the industry and won the hearts of many fans to emerge as winner in the solo artiste category. Since then, Fendi's win has not only kicked up his demand for various live performance gigs, but also spurred him on to creating his own initiative, Fuze Collective, which he coins a "loosely-strung outfit" - An intimate circle of handpicked musicians and artistes he frequently works with.


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