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Genres: Pop, Rock

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If you imagine life as a Rubik's Cube you know that you'll only feel complete when you're able to put things into the right place. Well, this is not an easy process but the good news about it is that, once you find the secret, you solve the whole thing. In this particular case, the Fingertips found this secret in music. That's why the four of them become one, when talking about their dream, which is touch people's hearts with their songs as we touch the world with our fingertips. Yeah, you got it...this was the main reason when choosing the name of the band. In these last years they've been spending a lot of time together, composing, rehearsing, writing, recording, getting on stage, attending to some other artists concerts and having fun as a band! As music is their passion they live it intensively. Since they were kids that they love some other bands and artists, drinking good inspiration from David Bowie, Queen, U2, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, and others. And you will find Coldplay, Lorde, Muse and Arctic Monkeys playing on their iPod, too!! Inspired by them, by their dreams and by all the life that surrounds them, a few months ago they started to compose brand new songs for a new album. In the first place, they wanted to see how far voice would go with only a guitar or a piano in the background. Let's call it "nude", like people do in Fashion! And it was an amazing experience, that took them to a different place in the Universe. After that they added the other ingredients to give the songs the right balance of passion and freedom. Now, they are finally ready to go out of the studio. And they can't hide the excitment of knowing different cultures, travel to different countries and meeting different people, with only one purpose : show their brand new songs to a brand new world for them!!


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