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Flying Ipis

Genres: Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Flying Ipis.


Back in 1996, there weren’t that many all-female rock bands in the country. Only a handful, like Tribal Fish, Keltscross, and Fatal Posporos, would reach a considerable level of productivity and fandom. At the same time, a group of high school friends from Poveda Learning Center formed a band for kicks and covered songs by Weezer, Oasis, P.O.T., Wolfgang, and the other prominent acts of the day. One day, they were rehearsing, and an airborne roach made its presence felt in the room. After freaking out, the band chose a name – Flying Ipis. The name was hardly commercial (more than anything, it made people cringe), and all they played were covers at school events. But they didn’t give a shit. They just wanted to play.