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Genres: Metal, blues, jazz, Rock

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Gayuma,is a band based in Tanauan Batangas. They won the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Champion in 2007, their biggest achievement to date. The band was formed in 2005 and has been playing in different venues in their hometown.When they won first place in RAVE in2006, an annual contest for up & coming bands, at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities in Tanauan City in the province of Batangas it clearly opened the doors for them as they take the provincial music scene by storm and winning battle of the bands competition from then on. Although their triumphs at the said competitions helped them in their popularity it wasn't until they started writing their own songs that proved to be the turning point of their musical career. By incorporating their eclectic taste in music such as metal, blues, jazz and old school Pinoy rock, they came up with a distinctive sound. They branded it as GORILYAFUNK, a product of fusing funk with a twin-guitar attack, groovy and slappy bass lines, steamy drum patterns and smooth but aggressive vocal input. Winning the 2007 Red Horse Muziklaban, known to be as the most prestigious rock band competition in the country, paved the way for bigger opportunities in which the band took as both a challenge and a blessing.They since then have played in different venues in the country,bigger events, alongside different artists. Through their hard work, determination and excellence in their craft, they have created a name and has proven their worth in the Pinoy Music scene.


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