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Gong Linna

Genres: opera

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Gong Linna (chin. 龚琳娜, born 1975) is a Chinese singer. She studied at the China Conservatory of Music in Peking. In 2000 she was awarded "best singer" at the Chinese National Singing Competition. Gong Linna was born in Guiyang, Guizhou province (located in the Southwest of China). She first appeared on stage at the age of five. Since her early childhood she knew that she wanted to become a professional singer. At 16 she began her studies at the Chinese Conservatory of Music where she held her first and highly acclaimed concert as soloist in 1999. Since that she has been a soloist with the Zhongyang Minzu Yuetuan, China’s most renowned traditional music orchestra. In addition to many other awards, she won the Chinese National Singing Competition in 2000 as best female singer, including the Special Audience Award, gaining the audience votes of over a million Chinese television viewers. In 2002 year she met composer and producer Lao Luo, who had already established himself as one of the masterminds of New Chinese Art Music, and collaborating with him she started a new artistic life. Experiments with world-music-fusion and avant-garde music as well as ethno-musical fieldwork marked the next years. In 2003 Linna contributed to the album of "Wu Xing", published on CRC. On this album Linna gave her debut as song-writer with beautiful lyrics. Her next album "Zou Shengming de Lu", published 2005 by KUKU-Music, finally set a landmark in Chinese Art Music. Since 2006 Gong Linna is performing with a stunning chamber music ensemble formed by some of China 's best instrumentalists and has been performing on many international festivals and prestigious concert halls. Her latest album "Ye Xue - Night Snows" features many classical Chinese poems set to music.


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