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Genres: Indie Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Honeydrop.


Honeydrop began in 2010 as an experiment by Karl Lucente and Tram Florido, combining aggressive music with chill vocals. Vanya, who has been friends with Karl and Tram, joined them to take on vocal responsibilities for the band. Several line up changes were made before Jud Sala and Jeriel Laraño joined in, completing the band. Due to personal and family matters, Vanya decided to go on a hiatus but will still be active in the songwriting process. Currently, Debbie, who is a friend in the local music scene then took the lead vocal part for the band. Honeydrop haven't had any specific genre per se, yet Indie Pop and Post-Rock are to be the closest words to define the band's music. The sound of the group is mainly influenced by each member's taste for music, which results to a unique and saccharine sound. Having able to release it’s debut album “Prelude” October 2013, Honeydrop caught the attention of listeners not only from the local airwaves but also internationally. Some of the songs in the album have radio plays in Boston, USA and South Korea. Since its inception, Honeydrop has fronted for noteworthy bands such as Up Dharma Down, Sheila and the Insects, Itchyworms, Cambio, Loop, Jad Montenegro, June Marieezy, and Kitchie Nadal. The band also had a series of bar shows in Manila last May 2014 and in Davao for Threadfest 2014 last August. Recently, Honeydrop participated in Sonic Boom's #SinulogSecret Show this year.