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Genres: k pop, K-Pop

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iKON debuted in September of 2015 and after releasing their first album in December, they held a solo concert and went on a tour around Asia. Now, they are ready to make a surprise comeback. "#WYD" is a song that signals iKON's comeback in 2016.
iKON's new digital single shows off their unique charm that is just as refreshing and sweet as their biggest hit song "MY TYPE". The song boasts a perfect combination between cheerful piano and drum sounds, ear catching hook, and witty rap lyrics. The lyrics of "#WYD" are about having a crush on someone, which makes it a song that people can relate to easily as most people go through similar emotions at least once in their lives. 
As iKON will be releasing their new album later, their new digital single "#WYD" will serve as the album's preview.



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