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Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Ilemauzar.


Ilemauzar's existence dated back all the way to 1996 with the lineup of Thoth (Guitars), Seruan (Vocals), Xul (Drums), Bloodcurse (Guitars) and Lazaruzs (Bass). A demo titled, Pit of Despair was recorded in 1997 with 3 tracks strongly influence from the Greek style of metal in the veins of Rotting Christ and Varathron. The 1998 demo release scored a full length record deal with then kvlt label, Dark Artz Releases (Singapore). Seruan and Lazarusz left the band to pursue their main band, Erebus in mid 1998 and leaving the vocals and bass position empty. Bloodcurse took over the duty of vocals and guitars and the addition of Thorroth to the bass was finally announce in early 1999. 1999 marks the peak of the band when they start to hit local stages. Decimating Supreme Fest 1999 in March 1999 with many other local bands. In Oct 1999, Ilemauzar shared stage with local black metal titan, the mighty Impiety while in the midst of recording their debut full length album. The full length was fully recorded in December 1999 before Bloodcurse left for mandatory military service. Ilemauzar continued to bring chaos during the dark millennium in 2000 when they hit the stage again with kvlt Japanese band, Sigh and later with the now biggest metal act in Taiwan, Chthonic. Overseas gigs were offered but Ilemauzar was force to cancel them due to Bloodcurse's clash in military schedule. The most unforeseen circumstances happened in later part of 2000 when Thoth decided to call it quits before the full length was fully mixed and mastered and the hiatus begins. Without releasing the debut full length due to the closure of the recording studio with a missing DAT, Bloodcurse decided to reform the band once again in 2006 but with many failures due to lineup problems. 2013 was the big break for Ilemauzar with full lineup consisting Ill Krovin (Guitar), Bloodcurse (Vocals,Guitars), Serberus Hammerfrost (Drums) and General Xikbastard (Bass). 7 tracks were written within a short span of time. Ilemauzar was offered a slot for Rock in Solo 2013 New World Propaganda happening on 3rd of November 2013 sharing stage with Behemoth, Hour of Penance and many other great bands from Australia and Indonesia. Unfortunately, General Xikbastard and Serberus Hammerfrost had to leave the band due to other band commitments before the big day. The beast from the south, Maelstrom went on the drum throne for Rock in Solo. Ill Krovin left the band right after the 1st gig at Solo, Indonesia. A new guitarist, Dissector, was added to the horde for Coronation Black Metal Festival in January 2014 happening in Perth, Australia. In 28th of May 2014, Ilemauzar released The Ascension Promo as a teaser to their upcoming full length... there will be more to come... more fire, hatred and blasphemies!