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Iman's League

Genres: Pop Punk

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There are no upcoming gigs for Iman's League.


Iman aka Nuriman starts playing music at the age of 14 playing bass for his school band and making his first appearance with a band called Blu Afternoon. Soon after he switched his position to drums and he entered his first band competition at the age of 16. After his first band disbanded, he went back to playing the bass guitar for a metal band called Silent Carnage. After numerous shows and competitions, Iman finally quit the band to form his own fronted band which he called Frostymug. Frostymug will be his longest playing band and a band that will test his capabilities in songwriting and fronting the band as a vocalist and guitarist. Frostymug released their first e.p in 1999, which lead them to playing gigs at popular gig spaces during that time. Places like Youth Park, Fat Frog Café, The Substation..etc.. Frostymug went on to perform up till 2009 and released their album on the same year and also did a tour of INDONESIA …after 10 years Frostymug decided to call it a day. Iman went solo and start to learn the piano. After a year, he was offered a position as a keyboardist in a local band called Rancour. This will mark Iman’s first step into the professional music scene as Rancour at that point of time was manage by AMU. A management company that was run by Mediacorp. From there, he started performing regularly on Suria channel TV shows, does photo shoots, radio interviews and he finally learnt the ways of being a professional musician after more than 15 years of struggling in the music scene. He was also the session guitarist/ keyboardist backing up for artist like Fauzy laily, Jack and Ray, O.U.R.S project x band, Jatt Ali etc and he is also a session guitarist for local punk rock band Random arrival. Throughout his 15 years of music journey Iman had penned down several songs that was eventually released on his first debut E.P Crossing Rivers which was released on July 2011. He now goes by the name of Iman’s League whenever he performs either as a 3 pc band or as a solo outfit. He is also still actively playing for Rancour.