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Indio - i

Genres: Roots, Rock, Reggae, jazz

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= INDIO i = Indio I pronounced aɪ What once started as a jam in the dormitory lobby has evolved into a desire to spread pure, positive energy beyond the school walls. Indio i's unique rock-reggae fusion has brought the band to numerous bars, beaches, house parties and major music festivals all over the Philippines. For more than two decades the band persevered amidst a ruthless and unforgiving music industry; a long, uphill battle that eventually led to the band periodically breaking up and coming together again. In 2014 Indio i once again rises to the challenge to re-enter the arena and share their talents with the whole world, reaching out to a whole new audience beyond the shores of their archipelago. Aptly titled Indio i:Redux, the band ventures forth with a restored spirit, a new passion and reason to keep the music playing. Follow their story. Ride along their journey. Enjoy a new stoke.


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