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Infernal Execrator

Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal

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Dawn of Irreligious Execration Unleashing the blasphemous might of execration in 2005, Lord Ashir (Guitar & Vox) summoned 2 blasphemic infernal warriors AFREET (Guitar & Bass) and BELIAL HATEHAMMER (Drum) to form a Black Death Metal legion to execrate the holies,religions & gods and to unleash the true strength of endless satanic odium.INFERNAL EXECRATOR does not uphold any 'NS' ideology. We uphold the flaming banner of impurity 'INFERNAL EXECRATOR'. In 2006, After the release of our debut Demo, ‘Thy Demonization Conquers’ which was self-released (ltd to 100 copies),Blood and Soil (Spain) unleashed 'Thy Demonization Conquers'Pro Dubbed Tape limited to 500 copies and De Umbris Production (Greece) re-released with bestial raw blood rehearsal tracks included for our upcoming Ep which is ‘Antichrist Execration’. INFERNAL EXECRATOR hellcomes a new warrior, DRAKON (Bass) into our Infernal Legion. Due to unforseen circumstances, Both DRAKON & BELIAL HATEHAMMER left the legion. Currently leaving only LORD ASHIR & AFREET to invoke sessionists for our Total Plague Of Total Destruction. With the help of CHIRSTSLAUGHTER (Drum),the seed of ''Antichrist Execration'' MCD in Digipack limited only 1000 copies was recorded and released by PULVERISED Records in 2008 and tape format with button & patch unleashed under the curse banner of Croquemort Productions. After the blasphemous & victory,AFREET has been axed out due to lost of interest.CHRISTSLAUGHTER and KOMMANDO ANTICHRISTO (Imperial Tyrants) were summoned into the hell formation soon as sessionist soldiers after the MCD released. Upon morbid silence due to some reason, INFERNAL EXECRATOR has arise and death work has begun. Expect the barbaric unexpected!! Total Death,Exterminate and Total WAR TO ALL FUCKING LIGHTS!! Current Line-Up Anno Satanas 2011: Ashir-invoker of battle summonings & Supreme 6 Axexecration ChristSlaughter-Conjurer of eternal doom Kommando Antichristo-Ancient chain bearer of quarternity NecroShairan-Griever of ultra blitz 6 DISCOGRAPHY: 2006: -Thy Demonization Conquers Demo (Self-Released) limited 100 copies CD-R, -Re-release from Blood & Soil Productions on pro-dubbed tape format limited 500 copies. -Pro tape limited 150 and comes with poster by De-umbris Productions. 2008: -Antichrist Execration MCD (Pulverised Records) limited 1000 copies, -Antichrist Execration 12"MLP limited 666 and 1st 100 is RED/HAZE Vinyl. (Apocalyptic Empire Records) -Tape format limited 666 comes with patch & button. (Croquemort Productions) 2009: -Amalgamation Of Imperial Demonization (Kvlt666 Production) Limited 66 copies on CD-R format. 2010: -M.C.B.L Heathen Blood Cult (Old Cemetery Records) -Pro tape limited 333 and 1st 150 comes with patch and poster by Unholy Blasphemies Productions. 2012: -Mastema Hedonistic Terroritual 666 CD limited 1000 copies (Evil Dead Productions) -Pro tape limited 100 copies only.(Infernal Waves records) -Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination 7" (Apocalyptic Empire Record) 2014: -Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent CD (Asian pressing limited to 500 copies)First 123 copies cums with A3 poster & badge! Strictly 9 tracks including IMPIETY cover! (Eastern Voice Production) -Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent Tape (Asian pressing limited to 150 copies) All copies cums with A4 poster. Strictly 9 tracks including IMPIETY cover! (Eastern Voice Production) -Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent Tape (Different artwork,photo and strictly 8 tracks. Limited to 300 copies. First 33 copies Gold,Red & Black tapes cums with Silver & Gold die-cut embroidered patch. (Warhemic Production) INFERNAL EXECRATOR symbolizes … PURE IRRELIGIOUS BLACK DEATH EXECRATION Hellmail: Hatebook: Genosite:



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