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Genres: Hip-Hop, Electronica, Soul

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Intriguant.


Intriguant is the brainchild of Louis Quek that leans towards textural sounds and rhythmic patterns through the concept of granular synthesis that aims to stimulate and experiment with authentic aural perceptions. Recently released his debut EP “Ellipse” under Singapore-based electronic label, Syndicate. Based on the perceptions from different spaces that he have occupied, it resonates to him through its multiple sensory layers, allowing physicality to merge with spirituality – the fusion that allows him to render spatial cognition into audible sounds. The transposition of sound is initially allowed by a visual remembrance: memories of objects, textures and shapes. It is this mosaic of images that activates the conceptualization of a visualizable soundscape fragmented by sounds that reproduce metaphysical elements of the concerned space. With field recordings as a starting point, he was able to inject his own interpretation of memories. With a soupçon of nostalgia, he reconstructed environments to resurface moments, the experience of which is now permanently renewable, through music.