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Genres: Modern Sino-Rock

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io is a pop rock band from Burnaby BC that formed in the summer of 2004. They are the first indie band to ever be nominated in both the categories of ‘Best New Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best Band of the Year’ at the Golden Melody Awards, the Chinese Asian equivalent of the Grammy Awards in the US and one of the biggest most prestigious musical award ceremonies in Asia. io has traveled far and wide to perform and showcase their music. They have performed in landmark music festivals such as Liverpool’s Sound City International Music Festival and Beijing’s Strawberry International Music Festival, as well as having performed in shows in Seoul, Shanghai, Taiwan, as well as North America, where they are originally from. io also has had plenty of exposure on the television front, having played live in front of 600 million viewers at the 22nd Golden Melody Award ceremony, which took place at the prestigious Taipei Arena. They have appeared and performed in music-related television programs in some of the biggest television stations in Asia such as Star TV international and TTV. The National Geographic Channel has even done a documentary film featuring io, which is scheduled to broadcast in over 35 countries worldwide. Lead singer: Angus Producer/Guitarist: Hans Drummer: Cody


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