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Ivan Choong

Genres: Classical, opera

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Never one to follow a conventional path, Ivan entered the local performing arts scene in 2012 with a role in Dream Academy's production of Stephen Sondheim's Company (Directed by Hossan Leong). Since then he has had the fortune to work, learn from and interact with leading local industry players. Working across multiple disciplines including theatre, opera, and film, Ivan has appeared in operas by the Singapore Lyric Opera, conducted music workshops, and interviewed film directors and actors (including Anthony Chen and Teo Yann Yann). Though relatively new to stage, singing has been a passion for as long as he can remember. Over the years, Ivan has trained with various teachers and established performers including Amanda Colliver (Australia) and Patrice Micheals (USA). Music, especially musicals, has been a fundamental love and component of his work. Believing that a singer is as much an actor and vice versa, his joy is to share how great musicals, like great movies, have a common singular goal: to tell great stories.


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