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Jessie J

Genres: Pop, R&B

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There hasn’t been a career that has taken off so fast, so spectacularly and so all-consumingly as Jessie J’s in recent memory. Number one singles and a debut album that headed straight for the top, millions sold worldwide, show-stopping performances in front of a global audience of billions at the Olympics, a full-blown Saturday night prime-time TV career, extraordinary acts for charity that hit the headlines, Glastonbury, the Diamond Jubilee Concert and songs for the likes of Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown… To think – three years ago, we didn’t even know who Jessie J was and now she’s a household name from Southend to Sydney. And it looks like things are only getting more exciting with an upcoming album that already has a top 5 single, “Wild”, on it despite the fact that single was released almost secretly. “There was no pre-promo, no six-week build-up…” says Jessie, delighted that everyone seems happy to have her back. “I just wanted to do it for the fans and to see what would happen without all the social media and stuff. And it went to number one in four countries! I couldn’t be happier…”


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