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Johnoy Danao

Genres: opm, Singer-Songwriter

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Though debuting as a solo artist, Johnoy, from the year 2000 to 2004 was front man to the band Bridge. When Bridge members decided to part ways, he continued playing gigs on his own—sometimes playing originals and sometimes playing cover songs. Since 2007, he has partnered up with guitarist Kakoy Legaspi; collaborating in making extraordinary renditions of songs by artists like Dave Matthews Band, U2, Jackson Browne and Coldplay. But through out the various reincarnations of his career as a musician, one thing has remained the same: his signature which is his voice. With many aspiring to be vocalists, none can truly compare with how enthralling Johnoy’s voice could be with its throaty sexiness that seems to conjure pillow talks and whispered conversations even while conveying passion and intensity. This combined with his song writing prowess and his originality and creativity fueled by powerhouse collaborations has produced "Dapithapon", an album that truly redefines easy-listening.