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Genres: Pop, Electronic, Indie

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With a voice uniquely her own, Hawaiian singer-songwriter Kawehi draws you in with her catchy hooks and honest lyric. Manned by a Guitar, 'Ukulele and Boss RC-30 Looping Station, she's a "one-man band" creating intricate loops via beatboxing and creative guitar usage. Since taking a GIANT leap to L.A. from her home in Hawai'i, she has been featured in Music Connection Magazine's "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists & Bands" in 2011. Her videos have been featured on CBS News Most Viral Videos, Vimeo, Booooooom! and Sony Music. Now with over 200 shows nationally under her belt, Kawehi is making a name for herself as a true DIY artist, creating music that is both tangible and relative - and generating much-deserved attention from both fans and industry folk alike.


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