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KiloWatt Soundsystem

Genres: funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, disco, Reggae, Dub

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KiloWatt Soundsystem brings together friends of different backgrounds to collaborate on fun and offbeat events. Hailing from Mexico, France, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom, its main members are all involved in various audio-visual projects around the island; from alternative radio shows to guerrilla street parties, they’re all devoted to bringing groovy and bass-heavy sounds to laidback party-goers. The diversity of its members is reflected in the music - expect everything from cumbia, salsa, mambo, samba, bossa, Balkan music, hip-hop, funk, soul, boogie, disco, breakbeats, reggae, ragga, dub, jungle, drum n’ bass, electro, minimal techno and general awesomeness.


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