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Marina Xavier

Genres: Soul, Pop, jazz

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A fascinating and exotic entertainer in her third decade of show business, Marina Xavier is one of South East Asia’s most talented vocalists. Marina was born and blossomed in multi-racial Singapore. Combining natural gifts of charm and rhythm, the sultry excitement of her voice stays with listeners long after the show has ended.With 5 solo albums and featured on a multitude of compilations and collaborations with notable artistes she is stronger than ever. Success in and around Singapore was just not enough. On arrival in Europe it was the Paris Jazz Scene scene that kept her busy. It was not long before collaborations with celebrated and recognized artists in France sent her in a new direction. This lead to co-writing and a duet with “Les Rita Mitsouko” on their fourth album “System D” (Virgin) recorded in Paris, Morocco and New York with Tony Visconti. Marina was also a main feature on the album of the decade “DEENASTYLE” by the renowned DJ, Dee Nasty ( Universal ). Once again Marina shows her versatile and inimitable talent both as a singer/songwriter. This Pop/Soul sensation created massive waves all over South East Asia with her self penned English version of “MADE IN INDIA” album with VMP (Valentine Music Productions) has gathered her a new legion of fans. With exciting singles from the album topping the charts: DO THE DUT (dangdut) and BLAME IT ON THE BOSSA NOVA. It’s no surprise how BUSCA AMOR, a latin inspired track, took Spain & Latin America by storm “DENGARIN”..a happy tale about telephone addiction enjoyed Massive Radio play in South East Asia.It was featured on several best selling compilations and on the sountrack of TALKING COCK ( The Movie) Her popularity in Singapore thrives on a wide scale with her sensuous and sizzling performances.. With the release of MARINA XAVIER’S – WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNG” there is no doubt that jazz aficionados found it timely as an album that had been long awaited. With a stellar line up of musicians and a wonderful selection of tunes including the self penned “Angel”……once again rave reviews. In 2004, Marina released an exciting new album. “I Thought About You” once again boasts a glittering line up of fine musicians and found its place in the exciting league of international jazz. Marina has also released “A Jazzy Christmas in Paris” recorded in France. A wonderful jazzy take on lovely Christmas Standards and is available during the festivities in selected outlets.. and….????? “Where Do You Start?” released in 2010 is the latest release of her favourite standards and original compositions in her same sultry convincing vocals. Several tracks have been selected and licensed to High Note Records for distribution. All the solo albums have been liscenced by Tarra records Indonesia. Marina is now working on her world Music Project and on collaborations with many wonderful artistes in the region. She is available and ready for more festivals, private events and clubs. 2014 saw her performing in Paris, France in leading Jazz venues. She is also regularly at leading Jazz venues in Bali, Indonesia. Marina will return to India to perform with Jazz Goa this season 2014/ 2015….



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