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Matthieu Chedid

Genres: Pop, Rock

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Since Matthieu Chedid came up as - M - in the end of the 1990s with his unique blend of funk rock and ‘chanson française’, he’s been captivating the crowds all around the (French-speaking) world. In the Chedid family, art is inheritance: Matthieu’s grandmother was a poet; his father is a singer for who Matthieu was back singer from the age of 7… Matthieu has always had music running in his veins. When he started his own career, he picked his stage name as the sole letter ‘M’ and created himself a wacky alter ego: dressed in crazy suits and wearing M-shaped haircut and sunglasses. Behind the extravaganza of his outfits, - M - is an authentic and talented musician. When he plays the guitar, his riffs can be as funky as Prince’s or as greasy as Hendrix’s. Unquenchable composer, he has written movie and anime, and zillions of catchy pop songs including top hits such as ‘Je Dis Aime,’ ‘Machistador’ or ‘Mojo.’ He has won nine music awards and collaborated with a great variety of artists including Vanessa Paradis, Jane Birkin, Alain Bashung, Johnny Hallyday, and many more. It’s - M -’s breath-taking and interactive live performances that truly propelled him to superstardom. Whether solo or accompanied by a 2 or 5-piece band on stage, Chedid delivers with the same intensity and generosity. He literally captivates his audiences.


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