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Meryl Joan Lee

Genres: jazz, Classic, Top 40s

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Meryl left her job at American Investment Bank Goldman Sachs to pursue her dreams as a vocalist and music creative after being inspired during a 1 month stint in New York - the modern jazz capital of the world. As a vocalist Meryl has graced many stages across South-east Asia. An alumnus of the Bright Young Things Jazz Programme by Esplanade's Mosaic Music Festival and Singapore Idol, Meryl has received the mentorship of Grammy award winners, Local Cultural Medallion award winners, and accomplished Jazz singers both abroad and locally. Meryl has also performed for the President and Ministers on several occasions. As a member of the Modern Jazz/Creative Music polymorphic band Home Ground (formerly Off The Cuff), Meryl's co-arrangements and compositions for the band has debuted at TED talks, Esplanade stages, and local Jazz bar BluJaz cafe.


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