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Genres: Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll

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Hailing from Singapore, MetalGunz is a heavy metal band with a passion for granitic guitar riffs, tight rhythm sections and edgy vocal performances. The group strikes for an eclectic and fresh approach that allows them to feel at home in many different settings: whether they are performing a slow rock ballad or an up-tempo metal mayhem, the band showcases personality, energy and passion, note by note. The band likes to define their music as a compromise between Pantera's heavy grooves and Aerosmith's sleazy rock and roll vies. MetalGunz have been a band since the late 90s, pioneering the local metal scene, while developing a loyal fan base and always staying true to the music they have been loving since they were high school kids. The band set out to release their full length album "Never what it seems" in 2009. The release was followed by extensive live performances, including appearing at the famous Spring Scream Festival (Taiwan) and the CMJ Music Marathon (New York City), among other events.



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