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Genres: Drum & Bass, House, Dance

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Ming.


Former resident at Zouk and at Home Club, Ming is by no means a stranger to the dance floor. Caught between the underground and over, he has throughout his illustrious career developed a unique understanding of music, so profound and complicated, that he decided not to bore you with it here. Always right, contradicting himself, and ever so slightly bi-polar, when in front of the turntables, CDJs or whichever machine the songs gets played from, Ming makes magic happen. A bit like taking two things that you would never have thought go well together, and then realising that actually, they were destined for each other. Something like cheese and caramel. Not one to be outdone and rarely unaccompanied by a third deck, with impeccable taste, technique and a penchant for the subsonic, Ming conducts symphonies.