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Genres: House, Dub, Drum & Bass

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Even after almost 20 years of continuous and obsessive record collecting, Mislav is still enthusiastic about music today as he was in his early beginnings. Taking no shortcuts, he mastered his music knowledge, taste and DJing as one should,not by following trends but instead developing his own style. Mislav has left his mark in clubbing scenes wherever he lived in the past, as with his latest project known as Mugic Soundsystem. With his partners in crime for the past 5 years, Mugic Soundsystem has been pushing already notorious nights in Singapore known for its raw energy, own-built Klipsch vintage soundsystem and wide musical repertoire consisting of uncompromising mixture of electric funk, old school electro, house/techno hybrids, disco, various leftifield and obscure disco/punk/nu wave oddities thrown in for proper musical journeys, keeping open-minded listeners entertained throughout the night. When playing out, you never know what to expect from the man, but be ready for raw energetic music greatly influenced by sounds originating from Detroit, Chicago, Hague and New York. In 2012, Mislav joined the Burek crew, co-running the label and the newly launched DJ Agency as well as embarking in an A&R role for a new sister label to be introduced in 2013.


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