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Mitch Advent

Genres: Electronic Music

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There are no upcoming gigs for Mitch Advent.


​Mitch Advent strives to weave a multitude of electronic music genre together in his shows to tell a story which is significantly his. The music he performs has been characterized as being atmospheric, cinematic, lush, high energy and larger than life with emotion-fueled chord progression that is bundled with relentless thumping bass put together through squeaky-clean production. He is also known for remixing songs for local and regional acts such as Caracal, Deon, Falling Feathers and An Honest Mistake (MY) and of his favorite international acts such as Imagine Dragons, Blink 182 and Paramore. He mainly performs with the NUS Electronic Music Lab and has performed in a multitude of festivals and shows around the island such as Singapore Night Festival, Baybeats, Music Matters!, iLight Marina Bay, Shine Youth Festival, 100 Bands, Singapore Garden Festival and NUS HERE! Arts Carnival.


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