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Mix Architekt

Genres: Techno, Bass, Dub

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Mix Architekt is a renaissance of music, aesthetics, and technology building unique bridges of expression from heart to ear records are made, venues played, speakers arrayed converging perspectives from all sides of the stage acknowledging what we've learned, and how we gave fearlessly pushing the limits of one's craft while finding balance in the dynamics of life with innovation, efficiency, and enjoyment traveling the world the less we have the more we gain so pack light and go far but remember minimalism is a destination not a starting point and one should never compromise what's needed to get the job done completion is the first step toward refinement otherwise we can't reflect on what's right and where we need improvement balance is not giving a fuck and having fun in the process of getting it done because you don't know what you know until you know you know ya know? this is Mix Architekt


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