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Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus

Genres: horror rock, theatrical macabre, Rock, Metal

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No Fear at All: The Story of Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus It’s hard to pinpoint a genre for Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus. Some have called their music pop, rock, heavy metal and even steampunk. Not two or all four are enough to describe the kind of sound these guys produce. Remember all your R.L. Stine and Tim Burton-inspired imaginary adventures as a kid? Think of those. And think of what could’ve been the perfect soundtrack for them. That’s Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus. The music is dark, but not too dark that you want to force yourself to wake up. Just enough darkness for fun, for theatrics, for costumes, for dancing, for story-telling. They call it theatrical macabre. Formed in 2009, these self-proclaimed minstrels of madness breathe playful mayhem into the local music scene. The minstrels forming the band are Bones Frankenstein on vox, Alvin “Doc” Chan on guitars, Carissa Ramos on bass, Karl “Wolf” Vito Cruz on keys, Jovic “The Beast” Deleon on drums, Jesso “Jester” Montejo slamming percs, and DJ John Joe Joseph “Xombie” on technology. They’ve earned quite a few accolades in their six years in the scene. Their well-received debut album, Horror Scene, earned them the title Favorite Indie Band at the 2010 MYX Music Awards. “Go Go Dance on my Grave,” the first single off the album, became a hit song and stayed in #1 on local charts for four weeks. “Grease, Gas & Glory” and “Haunted Wonderland” shortly followed to the top of the charts. In 2013, The Boneyard Circus became Jack Daniel’s Philippines Chosen One where they performed at Cambodia’s Jack On The Rocks music fest. Since then, The Circus has been playing for the brand’s premier events. In 2014, they released their sophomore album, The Great Fall Onto Madness. The much-awaited followup, distributed by MCA, showcased the evolution of the band’s unique sound. The first single off the album, “Ghost Train,” became the longest-running #1 song on Rakista Radio. In 2015, The Boneyard Circus received the Philippine Indie Rock Awards’ Independent Band of the Year award.