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Genres: Club, DJ, House

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Introduction to music came quite late at the age of 18yrs old,That meant he had a lot of catching up to do. From then, he has gone on a mission to make his mark on the music scene.

Muddy specialises in sexy and warm sound, and various types of quality underground House Music. He observes the vibe of the crowd and produces the sound that manipulates the frame of minds.

Starting out as a DJ in a club, Muddy eventually landed a residency where he began developing techniques and cultivating emotive styles, winning him devoted following. Thanks to various collaborations with both local & international DJs, the nights eventually blew up further as they became friends, jamming together and making waves.

Promising to thrill the crowd with his unique blend of music and style that will be leave you yearning for more. Muddy is a DJ who has continued to cultivate and revolutionise the Singapore clubbing scene for real music lovers, living it up in this little red dot.



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