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Genres: Math Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Punk

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MY DISCO is a musical collaboration between Liam Andrews (bass, vocals), Rohan Rebeiro (drums) and Benjamin Andrews (guitar) that formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. Named after a Big Black song, the band contains member of the former Clann Zú, Days Of Iris and Heartfeltself. Their most notable influences come from Melbourne's local independent, DIY music scene and other international bands such as Shellac, Rodan and Big Black. Their 2006 release Cancer marked a definitive minimalist turn for the band. Little is known about what has influenced their minimalist direction of the last few years. Prior to 2006, My Disco were notable for their use of odd time signatures. Agitated and angular are two words often used to describe their guitar riffs, while the bass has often been described as somewhat funk-influenced, with a minimalist feel present within all instrumentation. Their sound was primarily influenced by the surrounding Melbourne live independent music scene. The release of Cancer marked a new level of emphasis on minimalism. Everything was stripped back, and the band explained that their focus shifted towards the silence in between as much as the sound itself. Live performances prior to the release of Paradise showcased yet another refinement of their minimalist sound, with several songs consisting of only one note, repetitive single-sentence vocals and long-sustained guitar chords. Drumlines, although minimal, still offer dance-like, albeit disjointed, beats.