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Genres: Geylang Crunk

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for O$P$.


O$P$ are Wasabi Green (Zushan, Pioneer Digital DJ Singapore Champ and Asia Finals 2nd-Runner Up 2012) and Master Race. The duo have been making waves in the underground and the World Wide Web with their signature trademark sound that fuses Crunk, Trap and Bass, aptly called ‘The Geylang Crunk’. With a tightly conceptualized audio/visual direction based on the future of Singapore and humanity, O$P$ have crafted their penchant for the seedy underbelly of the streets through masterful remixes and acclaimed original tracks and releases. With music such as Chin Swee Sunset with ‘Van Detta’, Disco Buddha, and remixes of Matt Sofo’s Run The Track and Nantes’ Hail playing on Lush 99.5FM, the Sinister Beat Bandits are just getting started in their quest for domination of the solar system!