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Genres: Garage Rock, Pop-Rock

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The band first met-up at McDonalds Anonas. At the time, Jeyk and Roy, highschool besties, were looking for band members to play at a school event. Luckily, a band was looking for two other members so, like vultures who liked playing music, jumped at the chance to be in a band. The band was called Odd Job Hat at the time, a tribute to Jeyk's favorite hat which he lost in a movie theater. This line-up played at Kalayaan College Music Organization events and random open line-up events that would last until 4AM. The name was shortened later because either the term "odd job" or "hat" was very difficult for some particular hosts of open mic events to pronounce and for others, too phonetically awkward to remember. The band started out as a Blink-182 cover band but discovered that running around naked with only socks covering their dongs weren't their thing. They decided to cover songs by one of the greatest bands of all-time known as Weezer and took cues from them and started creating their own material. The band usually plays at this bar called Mow's where Roy works. The band will be grateful if you book them to play at different venues pero g pa rin naman kung Mow's kasi astig yung Mow's.


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