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Genres: Rock

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Prank Sinatra is a Filipino Rock band formed in 2005 by Iman Leonardo, former bassist for Goth pioneers in the Philippines, Dominion. Leonardo is a veteran in the music scene, he also played for a couple bands such as "Tambalang Guy and Pip" and "Andres Bonifacio Jr." Iman eventually left Dominion to pursue his growing musical urge, thus the birth of Prank Sinatra. THE F DEFECT Released in 2005 under his own D-Chord Records, described by some critics as "droll, punkish, melancholy and clever". Music videos was also created for some of the tracks such as "Hit the D-Chord, Coup B' Etat and the OST for the Indie Film "Third World Happy" which stars Sam Milby, Sinatra also gained favorable reviews from local magazines such as Pulp and Uno, THE FOOTLONG PLAYERS His sophomore outing was released after a year, Sinatra shifted into high gear with this album, Offering a different sound from the 1st album, Psychedelic as often descibed, it catapulted the band into an Indie sensation, Music videos for "Yesthurling Egg, Prelude to Footlong and Alright was created. In the music video "Alright", Leonardo featured some of his arsenal of vintage guitars, using 66 axes in a video, a first in the industry. THE PEEL SESSIONS In 2008, after numerous gigs and beer brawling, "The Peel Session" was released, an acoustic album with a twist, reffered by some as an after disco chill out trip, it garnered positive reviews outdoing the previous albums, Dok Sergio of Pupil and Junjie Lerma of Radio Active Sago played on some tracks. Music Video for "Droning On" was created. A 4TH ALBUM? Prank Sinatra went into a hiatus of some sort, accumulating new materials to record and a couple of more vintage guitars which quickly accumulated into 200 plus or so, and setting up "Prank's Kitchen", his very own recording studio. The Album is expected to be out by the end of 2011.


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