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Genres: Alternative, pop rock

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Quartermoon is an alternative/pop rock indie formed in 2009 that make songs to reminisce. Quartermoon is composed of: ~ Kiel Santos (Vox / Rhythm Guitar) ~ Elmar PInero (Lead Guitar / Vox) ~ Rommel Hugo (Bass/Vox) ~ Tat Lacsamana (Drums) The band has been performing in different music bars in the country such as Sazi’s Bar, Route 196, Malate District Bar, Freedom Bar, Autonomy Music Bar & Resto, Headstock Bar, Bartolina Bistro Bar, Obsidian Bar, Gmix Bar, Genre Bar, Unlijam Bar, Amos Café, etc.. The band has performed with the mainstream bands in the country like Mayonnaise, Silent Sanctuary, Eevee, Join The Club, Tanya Markova, Paramita, Penguin 627, Odatnarat, Milk N' Money, Soapdish, among others. The band has performed in company events like Mahasurya Inc. Cocktail Fest Event and performed in schools like Philippine Women's University Battle of the Bands 2012 where Kiel Santos (Vocalist) is one of the judges.


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