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Raw Earth

Genres: blues, funk, Soul, Rock & Roll, Blues Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Raw Earth.


Raw Earth is made up of a stellar line-up consisting of some of Singapore’s best blues and rock musicians including Danny Loong and Francis Chan (Ublues), Victor Chen (winner of Strip Acoustic at Wala Wala), Surath Godfrey and Hanrong from rock outfit Reverie combining to lock in a strong groove with an old school flavour and on stage improvisation and interaction which promises to keep things interesting. The band performs an wide array of Old School music styles from the 50s to 70s such as blues, rock and roll, funk, soul and even some classic blues rock and their repertoire includes songs by Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, CCR, Grand Funk Railroad, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker, BB King, The Beatles, Otis Redding among others. While most current pop and rock music have gone more technical and predictable, Raw Earth attempts to retain the concept of soul and groove within their music through their performance. Sometimes you don’t know what you are going to get at a Raw Earth show however you will be assured of only a heartfelt, passionate and honest performance by each member.