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Riot !n Magenta

Genres: Electronic, Pop, Synthpop

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There are no upcoming gigs for Riot !n Magenta.


Riot !n Magenta is the synth pop project of soulful singer/songwriter Eugenia Yip, keyboardist/producer Hayashida Ken and keyboardist/guitarist Khairyl Hashim. Introduced by a mutual friend, Ken and Eugenia started working together in 2011 drawing influences from Joss Stone to Depeche Mode.Set to the pulse of Drum Machines and Giorgio Moroder's Inspired arpeggiators, the true star of the show is the vocals of Eugenia. In 2013, Hayashida roped in a long time friend, Khairyl Hashim to play guitars and keys. Before they collaborated, Eugenia was active in several bands and is a graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance. Meanwhile, Hayashida Ken recorded as a synth pop duo (The Karl Maka) in 2006 and is also involved in an eclectic range of Electronic Music Projects. Khairyl Hashim also plays bass for the indie band, the Great Spy Experiment when he's not twiddling with sonic textures.All of them have performed in various regional festivals such as Mosaic Music Festival, SXSW and Asean Festival.